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How do I create a project?
How do I create a project?

I have gone to the project page and I don't see a place to create a project. Where do I create a project?

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Different then SI, we have split Projects into two phases: Opportunities and Projects.

  • Opportunities are any job or project that you are trying to win. This includes anything from a name to waiting on a signature to start a project

  • Projects are won opportunities. You have gotten the signature and have received payment (or will soon) for the work you are going to do. 

All projects come from an opportunity. So to create a project, be sure to create an opportunity, and mark that opportunity as won. You won't be able to create a project without first creating it as an opportunity.

Once an opportunity is marked as won, it will be converted into a project, and it will show up on the projects page.

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