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Getting Started with Cloud
Getting Started with Cloud

Everything you need to start working in minutes!

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Welcome to D-Tools Cloud. We've designed D-Tools Cloud to make it easy for you to take control of your sales process, and our simple setup will get you working in no time.

Our onboarding process is simple - by answering a few simple questions about you and your business, D-Tools Cloud will configure your account and guide you on your way through your first Proposal.

Once you enter your credentials, a dialog will guide you through the setup process:

From the answers you provide, D-Tools Cloud will configure a base setup that includes opportunity and project settings, a proposal template with payment settings (which you can adjust/customize later), Systems, and configure your item Catalog.

All settings are completely customizable to your business, but the initial setup is designed to get you working quickly and efficiently within minutes. Once your setup is complete, Cloud takes you to your main Dashboard. Our in-app help (located in the lower right corner of the app) is there to guide you through the next steps and the creation of your first Opportunity. 

Cloud's intuitive CRM features enable you to simply create a new Opportunity, enter a new account, and get to work on a quote. Opportunities help you keep track of your potential Projects, and provide you with a visual view of your sales pipeline. You can view your Opportunities as a Kanban board, which allows you to drag and drop Opportunities through different stages of the sales process, or you can view them as a list.

To create a new Opportunity, simply click on the + sign in the top right of the app, or navigate to Opportunities on the left nav and click on "New Opportunity". 

Once you fill out the basic information you are ready to begin quoting. That's it! You are now set up and ready to start working on your first Quote.

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