Once you have created an Opportunity and added some items to the Quote associated with the Opportunity, you are ready to create a Proposal.

A Proposal is a way to share all the potential Project information with the client and get them to sign off on it. With a Proposal, you can:

  • View and present to a potential customer

  • Edit and customize the design and content in your Proposal

  • Create templates to accelerate the Proposal creation process

  • Share the Proposal with your potential clients to try to win the job

  • Optionally set an expiration date for the proposal

  • Collect analytics on who viewed the Proposal and how many times

Preview Proposal

To see all project information as a Proposal, all you have to do is go to the Quote and click the "Preview proposal" button.

Use the preview to edit the proposal if the proposal is not locked from further edits. This is helpful when you run a proposal with a customer in person.

Edit Proposal

All Proposals will be using some template. This may be one created for you by D-Tools, by someone in your organization, or you have created a few of your own. When preparing a Proposal for a Quote, you can select from the different templates.

You can also choose from your saved templates or save a new template based on your updated design.

Learn more about Proposal Templates

You may want to change the design slightly to best fit your client. You can do this by clicking the ellipsis more menu (...) of the sections in the proposal and then editing the proposal. Here you can add, remove, or edit different sections in the proposal to customize it as your own.

Check out this article to learn more about editing a Proposal.

Present Proposal 

To show all project information to a potential customer in person as a Proposal, go to the Quote and click the "Present proposal" button.

After reviewing the proposal, the customer can approve the proposal by clicking the Accept and Sign button.

Share Proposal

To share the proposal with a potential customer via email, go to the Quote and click the "Share proposal" button. You will be prompted to enter an email address and an optional message.

The customer can open the proposal from the inbox, review it, and approve it by clicking the Accept and Sign button.

You can also share the Proposal internally for consent and approval before presenting it to the customer.

Learn more about Sharing Proposals

Proposal Analytics

After a Proposal has been shared through email, D-Tools collects some analytics to show you who has opened the proposal and how many times they have opened it.

Learn more about Proposal Analytics

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