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Getting Started with Projects
Getting Started with Projects

Learn how to manage projects on Cloud

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Once an Opportunity has been "Won", a Project is automatically created for that Opportunity. Projects are listed under the Projects menu in the left navigation menu. Projects provide the functionality to complete the work defined in the Proposal accepted by the customers.

Projects allow you to:

  • Have a place for all the information needed for a Project to live: project information, pictures, documents, notes, etc.

  • Create and manage Tasks on a Project from start to finish

  • Create and manage Purchase Orders and Change Orders for the Project

  • Manage your payment terms on the Project

Moving an Opportunity to a Project

When you move an Opportunity to the last stage (opportunity Won) in your Opportunity stages, you will see a prompt to create a project for the Opportunity.

In this example, "Signed Contract" is the stage where the Opportunity is won.

Another way to convert an Opportunity to a project is to click Won on the Opportunity details page.

Managing Projects

Projects, like Opportunities, can be arranged in the List or Kanban view, with Kanban being the default. Projects also come with our default stages, Engineering, Rough-In, Finish, etc. You can add more stages, delete some, and tune the Kanban board to your liking.

A Project on D-Tools Cloud has the following work areas:


A dashboard with the overall progress of the project—equipment, labor, change orders, payments, labor, and the completion status of the tasks in the Project.


A complete list of tasks in the Project, the work schedule, and the labor timesheet.


The equipment and software and change orders as in the BOM (Bill of Materials) and the payment terms for the Project.


A list of visual plans, image quotes, and other documents for the Project.


The trail of activity on the Project, including that when it was an Opportunity.

Bill of materials

A list of all items included in the BOM for the Project.

Reverting a Project to an Opportunity

There are some cases where you may want to move a Project back to an Opportunity. We recommend that you do this only in the early days of the Project.

If you do not want the Project to be seen in the Projects board temporarily, archive the project. Archived Projects retain all Project data.

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