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Getting Started with Opportunities
Getting Started with Opportunities

Learn how to create an opportunity

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On D-Tools Cloud, Opportunity is a qualified sales lead you want to track through the distinct stages in your sales pipeline. You will need to have some details about the lead to create an opportunity.

Managing opportunities on D-Tools Cloud is easy. Opportunities allow you to:

  • Manage your sales pipeline

  • Create quotes with equipment and services

  • Present beautiful multi-media proposals

  • Collaborate internally by tracking notes, tasks, and key milestone changes that happen on the customer level

Creating an Opportunity

Creating an opportunity is where the workflow starts, and a new lead is created.

To create your first Opportunity, go to the Opportunities tab in the left-side navigation and click New Opportunity.

The three parts to creating an opportunity are:

Client details

Select the type of project relevant to the Opportunity and enter the client’s contact details.


Add the work-site address and billing address.

Opportunity details

Add the opportunity details such as the budget, tax method, and tax rates for the project, fulfillment location, source of the lead, and project owner.

After you create the Opportunity, you will see it in the New stage on the board.

Tip: Even though most fields are optional, consistently entering this information will help us track trends and identify areas of improvement.

Managing Opportunities

Opportunities can be arranged in one of two ways, List or Kanban view - Kanban is the default. Each vertical bar on the Kanban board represents a stage in your Opportunity-to-Project conversion process. We have built the board with the commonly used stages; you can add more stages, delete some, and tune the conversion process to suit your business.

To move an opportunity through the process, drag and drop the Opportunity to other stages.

Click the opportunity tile to see all of what you can do and build upon the Opportunity. The details of your Opportunity are listed on the left. Build your Opportunity with quotes for the equipment and services in the work and the activities for your team.

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