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Invite users into your account to work on Opportunities, Projects, and Service

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After you have created your account and have gotten comfortable with the application, you may want to invite other coworkers into your D-Tools account.

This is an easy process, as you need to enter the email address(es) of the coworker(s) you want to invite.

Types of Users

D-Tools allows you to create two types of users—Office users and Field users.

Office users

These are coworkers who help you manage your company's opportunities, projects, product catalog, labor, accounting, and other operations on D-Tools Cloud. Office users should be assigned to a User Group with specific permissions on D-Tools Cloud.

Field users

These are members of your installation team typically working in the field. Field users can sign into D-Tools Cloud from their mobile browser to receive their scheduled tasks and track time spent on them.

In a case where a coworker is executing some tasks in a project, you’ll need to invite the user as an Office user and a Field user on two different email addresses.

Invite Office user

First, go to the "Subscription Plan & Users" tab in Settings. Here you will find the details of your subscription, user quota limit, and the list of all the existing users in your account.

In the Office Users tile, click the "Add User" icon.

This will open a modal to invite Office users. Type in your coworkers’ emails, select their User Group in your organization, and click "Send Invite."

Check out this article for more details about setting up permissions for users.

After you have invited the users, you will see a toast message that confirms the invitation was sent.

Invite Field User

In the Field Users tile, click the "Add User" icon. This will open a modal to invite Field users. Type in the Field users’ emails and click "Send Invite."

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