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Editing the proposal
Editing the proposal

Understanding the various options to edit the Proposal

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A new proposal will always use the Proposal Template set as the default under "Settings > Proposal > Templates." It will contain all sections from the default template.

You have the option to edit the proposal to make it suitable for the current project and align it with your customer's expectations.

*A proposal shared with a customer is a live document. You can make edits to the proposal even after it is shared. The customer will see the changes in the shared proposal as soon as Cloud saves your edits.

To edit the proposal, click "Edit proposal" on the top right corner of the Quote view. This will open the Edit view of the proposal and you can make any necessary changes.

Here are ways in which you can edit the proposal.

Add section

If you want to add a new section to the proposal, click "Add section" in the panel on the left, and click on any of the section types. The new section will be added below the last section in the proposal.

Alternatively, you can hover over a section, click the "+" icon at the bottom of the section outline, and select a new section within the left panel. A new section will be added below the selected section.

Check out this article for more details about the customization capabilities of proposal sections.

Delete section

To delete a section, hover over it and click the "Delete" icon.

Reorder section

To reorder a section, hover over the section and click the "Up" or "Down" arrow to move the section one level above or below in the stack of sections.

Change font and color

Cloud provides options to change the fonts and colors in the proposal. We provide a list of fonts you can choose from and let you specify the Hexadecimal code of the colors you want to use in the proposal.

Check out this article for more details about changing font and color in proposals.

Change template

If you think that the proposal can get the right look with a different template, click the "Templates" icon at the top and change the template.

If you find yourself making similar changes in many proposals, it may be time to create a new Proposal Template with the right font, color, sections, and section customizations.

Check out this collection of articles for more details about Proposal Templates.

If you want to save the section additions and customizations as a new template for future use, click the "Templates" icon and click "Save as new template."

Change layout

Cloud provides two layouts for proposals—Multi-Media and Quick Quote. They come with their own sections and benefits. You can add more sections if needed to both layouts.

If you want to change the layout, click the "Layouts" icon, and make your preferred selection.

Customize proposal PDF

If you want to share the proposal offline or as an email attachment, you can download the PDF of the proposal. At the time of downloading it, you can set a custom footer.

To customize the footer, click the "Download" icon, and then click "Edit proposal PDF."

Check out this article for more details about customizing the Proposal PDF.

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