While the items and labor in a quote may seem like all the client is paying for, they are investing in so much more. They paying for your company and services to not just complete the project, but do it right. Having a beautiful proposal that looks clean and tailored to your customer will really help when trying to win projects.

After you have added all the items and labor to a quote, it is time to edit the proposal. To edit the proposal, click on the Preview Proposal button. Here you can add multiple sections, edit sections, or use different templates.

Proposal Templates

Starting from scratch on each proposal can be time consuming. Save time and maintain a consistent image across your company by making use of proposal templates.

Learn more about proposal templates through the following resources:

Edit Proposal

Whether you use the default template or select from one of your other templates, you may still want to make some tweaks. Here you can edit any section to customize the proposal for the client.

Add or Remove Sections

You can add sections by:

  • Clicking the add section button in the left-hand column

  • Select a section type and watch your selection inserted into your template. You can edit the section in your template by clicking on the ellipses and selecting edit

To remove a section, you will select a section, and click on the ellipses and select delete.

Reorder Sections

There are a couple of ways to reorder your sections. You can click on the ellipses next to your location and select move up or move down. You can also move a section by hovering your mouse over the section and clicking on the up or down button.

Edit Sections

You can edit a section, by clicking a section, then clicking the edit button on the right side of the section. Below you will find a list of all the different section types you can add/edit in your proposal.

You can not delete the banner, but you can control the background picture, overlay color, and determine whether to show the company and/or customer information. We recommend you include the following company information to give the customer confidence and remove any doubts from your ability to complete the project:

  • Company Logo

  • Company Address

  • Company Phone number

  • Company Email Address

If you notice that this information is empty, it means it wasn't all entered when creating your D-Tools account. Company information can be added or edited in the settings under My Account.

Make sure your background picture is a large enough image (at least a 900 pixel .jpg or .png) to not look pixelated.

Paragraph Section

Paragraph section allows you to add blocks of text. Edit options include changing the title and/or description of the text. You can do some basic text design with increase or decreasing size, italics, bold, bullet or numbered lists.

Image/Gallery Section

Previous project examples and/or customer testimonials are very powerful for your potential clients and can give them confidence you are the right fit for the job. So we have added galleries to proposals so you can share these past projects and positive customer feedback with your potential clients. Add a gallery section, title it, and add images to the section. Here you can choose the different layouts and which pictures or videos you want to show. For each picture and video, you can choose the overlay as well as a URL to link to when the image is clicked.

Products Section

In the list of products, you have a variety of options to choose from:

  • Grid vs. List view - list view will not show picture and take up less vertical room where grid view gives some visual effect for the customer

  • Show brand, model, accessories, and/or price

  • Group by system, location, location and system or system and location

  • Show the total for the group in the header

Summary Section

Summary section allows you to change:

  • The title of the section and adjustment label

  • Select layout (Product & Labor, Product + Labor or total only) and layout options

Payment Terms Section

You can edit the title and description of the section. You can also choose to show payment term and/or payment term descriptions. 

Save Proposal Changes as a New Template

After you have made all these changes, you may be excited how these changes came out. Well, you can save these changes as a new proposal, so next time you are getting ready to present a proposal to a client, you can reference these changes, or at least get you started on it.

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