When working with variable length materials like spools or boxes of cable that you would like to sell and/or estimate in smaller quantities we recommend using our "Price set by length" option. This allows you to:

  • Set a cost and sell per foot/meter.

  • Enables our Length ability which captures length separate from Quantity.

Enabling price by length and setting price

First navigate to the Catalog and find a product that you would like to set the price on. Next click the "Each Item" dropdown and select "By the foot" option. 

Once enabled, you will now have access to three new options: Cost per Foot, Price per Foot, and Length (this can be changed to meters in your company settings). You can now enter the cost and price that should be used when this item is placed in a quote. This per foot/meter amount will be multiplied by the selected Length and any quantity you apply.

Assigning Length

Length is preselected in the catalog in one of two ways either manually or by a pre-defined length (recommended). 

This selection can be changed once the item is added to a quote.

If you have not created pre-defined lengths you can create a new length from the dropdown or create and manage additional lengths from the Length manager in the Catalog found in the more menu in the header of the screen (shown below).

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