After you have added all the important items to your quote and are ready to share with your client, you can do so a few ways.

  1. In person meeting - If you are meeting with your potential customer in person, you can simply just click the view proposal button in the header of the page.
  2. Email the proposal - You may just want to email this proposal to your potential customer. Or maybe you just showed them in person and want to email them the proposal for the road. You can do this by hovering over the View Proposal button and then clicking the Share Proposal button in the menu below

Preview the Proposal

Before you share directly with the customer, it is a good idea to preview the proposal. To do so, just click the View Proposal button. This will open the proposal in a new tab or window.

Edit the Proposal

If you viewed the proposal and see something you don't like, you can edit the proposal. To do so, go back to the quote, hover over the View Proposal button and click Edit Proposal. You can also choose from created templates to customize your proposal.

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