What is an accessory?

An accessory is an easy way to add related products to your main product. This is important because it allows you to become more efficient when quoting so you can focus on the large features and let D-Tools do the rest.


  • Add an HDMI as an accessory to an Apple TV
  • Add rack screws to your favorite rack
  • Add a TV mount to TVs

You can add accessories to individual products or you can add them to category rules, so it doesn't matter what TV you pull in, it will have a rack as an accessory. 

Accessory Types:

There are three types of accessories that may or may not prompt you to add them when adding the parent product.

  1. Optional - Prompt to include this accessory, but don't recommend to include
  2. Recommended - Prompt to include this accessory, and recommend to include
  3. Required - No prompt, automatically included

After you add your product (AppleTV) to your quote, you will see a banner at the bottom recommending the accessories. 

Adding an Accessory to a Product

There's actually two different ways of adding accessories inside D-Tools Cloud, this can be done inside the Catalog or directly inside a Quote. Let's take a look at both of the options below:

Adding accessories inside the Catalog:

In order to add accessories inside the Catalog, first you need to make sure you actually have some products downloaded to your personal database under Catalog > My Products. You will use these products as parent items to attach the accessories to. Once you have some products under the Catalog > My Products tab, you will navigate here > open up the product >  navigate to the "Accessories" tab and add the desired accessories.

Adding accessories directly inside the Quote:

This might actually be a simpler option of the two. To add accessories inside the actual quote, simply open up the Quote > click on the side menu( three dots) next to any product > and select "Add Accessories".

Adding an Accessory (Video)

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