There's actually two different ways of adding accessories inside D-Tools Cloud, this can be done inside the Catalog or directly inside a Quote. Let's take a look at both of the options below:

Adding accessories inside the Catalog:

In order to add accessories inside the Catalog, first you need to make sure you actually have some products downloaded to your personal database under Catalog > My Products. You will use these products as parent items to attach the accessories to. Once you have some products under the Catalog > My Products tab, you will navigate here > open up the product >  navigate to the "Accessories" tab and add the desired accessories.

Adding accessories directly inside the Quote:

This might actually be a simpler option of the two. To add accessories inside the actual quote, simply open up the Quote > click on the side menu( three dots) next to any product > and select "Add Accessories".

Video example for both options:

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