Are you an SI customer? How about an SA customer? Great!
We want to award you for being someone on our SA program. This will give you the opportunity to start playing with D-Tools Cloud and move from SI to DTCloud as you features become available and as you are ready. 

Entering in your SI license key for your SA account will give you access to D-Tools Cloud for free until March 2020.

Note: You will get the number of free seats you have signed up for with the SA plan. Any additional users will have to be purchased at the DTCloud pricing tiers.

Where to find your SI License Key

Account Creation

When creating your account, enter in your SI license key. DTCloud will do a look up and see if you are eligible for the extended trial.

From the Settings

If you missed it in the account setup or choose to do it later, you can enter in your SI License key by going to the settings in the user profile (or just click the activate button in the blue trial banner).

In the Account Settings, go to the Subscriptions Plan and click the Choose a Plan button.

Here you will see the modal to enter in your subscription plan. Don't worry, after entering in your SI license key, you won't have to pay anything.

Finally, enter in your SI license key and click Apply. This will do a lookup to see if you are eligible for the extend trial. If you are approved, you will receive your extended trial into March 2020 for the appropriate amount of users.

You may have to pay for more users depending on what your previous plan was with SI. 

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