The D-Tools Cloud team tracks all feedback and feature requests posted to our D-Tools Cloud Feedback Portal. In this article we'll explain what the Feedback Portal is, how to get started, and some tips and tricks.

What is the Feedback Portal?

The D-Tools Cloud Feedback Portal is a single place to capture your feedback and influence our roadmap.

  • Create new posts for feature requests and feedback.
  • Vote and comment on posts from other customers.
  • View progress the D-Tools Cloud team has made on all posts.

Getting started

You can get to the Feedback Portal by following this link, or in the application under your avatar and then, "Provide Feedback".

Alternatively, you can provide feedback directly through our feedback widget in the Intercom window.

To create a new post, navigate to the correct board. For example, "Feature Requests" is a general board used for most feature requests. From that board you can create a new post in the upper left hand corner within the, "Create a Post" form - pictured below. 

In this for you will need to provide a title and can optionally include a more detailed description and an attachment.

Once your post is created, you will be redirected to your post where you can provide additional details.

Voting and Commenting

In addition to creating your own posts, our feedback portal includes feedback from all of our customers. Each of these existing posts can be upvoted and commented on to provide more detail and help promote posts. 

The D-Tools Cloud team monitors all feedback and we pay close attention to feedback with a high number of votes and comments. 

The best part about providing feedback by creating a new post, voting or commenting on existing ones is you will get updates when that feature has been added to D-Tools Cloud. So vote away!

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