Whiteboards are a visual way to document various aspects of a system, all in the browser! Some of the ways you can use whiteboards.

  • Plan View drawings.
  • Annotating job-site photos.
  • Simple connection diagrams for design validation.

Creating a Whiteboard

To create a Whiteboard, first you will need to navigate to a Quote. From a Quote you have two ways to create a new Whiteboard. 

  • Create a whiteboard from the Attachments tab.
  • Create a whiteboard from an existing Location or System attachment on the Items tab.

In this article we will demonstrate the creation of a Whiteboard from the Attachments tab.

Go to the Attachments tab and then to the "New" button in the navigation bar. Here you will choose "Whiteboard" to continue.

Now you will be redirected to your newly created Whiteboard!

Whiteboard basics

Whiteboards can be used to do many things. In this section we will review the basic elements of a Whiteboard.

  • Select - Allows you to select objects you've added to the Whiteboard so that they can be moved, resized, or deleted.
  • Text - Is used to write text on the whiteboard. 
  • Upload Image - Allows you to add job-site photos or floorplans to the Whiteboard.
  • Ink - A freehand drawing tool for marking up your whiteboard.
  • Add - Provides access to your bill of materials in your Quote and the ability to add new items to your Quote.
  • Erase - Allows you to remove ink from the Whiteboard.

In the bottom of the Whiteboard are a few more important items.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts Reference - The Whiteboard supports a number of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate. Clicking this keyboard button will display a reference to these shortcuts.
  • Zoom - The zoom interface is made up of three options. On the left, the "-" symbol allows you to zoom out. On the right, the "+" symbol allows you to zoom in. Lastly, the middle button displays your current zoom level and, when clicked, gives you a number of predefined zoom levels to choose from.

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