Thank you for participating in our Cloud pre-release program. D-Tools Cloud represents the next generation of D-Tools software and your feedback is important to us. 

D-Tools Cloud provides a new, more efficient way for you to work smarter, better, and faster - our overall goal for Cloud is to help you be more productive, to make your day to day work easier, and ultimately help you make better business decisions. 

We want to hear about what's working, what you like, and most importantly, what needs to be improved. We've designed D-Tools Cloud to be your primary solution so if it's not working for you then we want to know so we can fix it.

Q. How do I get help when I have a question?
A. We have built-in help throughout D-Tools Cloud. In the lower right corner of the app there is a chat button where you can ask questions and a member of our team will respond. 

Q. How do I report bugs/feature requests?
A. You can utilize the chat window to report bugs and feature requests. Our team monitors these requests and will get them to the right place.

Q. How do I provide feedback for a particular feature or something that can improve?
A. Clicking the user profile in the bottom left, you will see a place to provide feedback. Here you will see a list of feedback entered by others and can vote for improvements, or you can enter new feedback.

Q. Can I invite other members of my team to work in Cloud?
A. Yes. We designed Cloud to be a collaborative solution. Please refer to this article to
learn how to invite your team to participate.

Q. Are there any browser limitations?
A. We are working to support current versions of all major browsers however today we recommend using Chrome or FireFox.

Q. Are there any OS limitations?
A. Since D-Tools Cloud is a pure web application, it will work on any web browser on PC or Mac.

Q. Does Cloud integrate with SI 2017?
A. No. D-Tools Cloud is a completely separate solution that builds on our 20 years of experience and provides you with a new way to work.

Q. Can I import my SI Catalog into Cloud?
A. Not at this time. We are currently working on this capability and expect it to be available soon.

Q. Can I import my current SI projects into Cloud?
A. Not at this time. 

Q. When can I expect more features (such as drawings, project scheduling, etc.?)
A. As Cloud is a pure SaaS application, we will continue to develop and add features as they are completed. We will let you know as new capabilities come online.

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