Based on the questions you answered when setting up your account, you will have defaults set to your account. We at D-Tools feel that these defaults best suit your company based on size, project complexity, and organization, but you can customize these settings to fit your needs. 

In the bottom left, you can click on your profile and select settings. From there, select Project Stages in the Project settings.

You will see the existing pre-defined project stages. You can add, delete, or edit any of the existing states. Note, there are some requirements for customizing these stages.

  • Must have at least one New, Open, and Closed stage
  • Added stages must be mapped to a system stage

System Stage Types

There are 3 different stages. This is important for reports and managing the progress and each status of the projects. Here is the definition of each stage:

  • New - This is a won project that still needs work done before ready to work on
  • Open - A project that is actively being developed. You may want multiple stages to track where you are in implementation process
  • Closed - This is a completed project. There is no more work to be done on this project.

Add/Edit/Remove/Reorder Project Stages

To Add a system, select the "New Stage" button below the table. Name the stage, give it a probability, and give it a system stage.

To Delete a system, click the ellipses next to any of the stages and select Delete. Remember you must have at least one stage for each New, Open, Closed system stages.

Drag to reorder the project stages so you can get in an order that matches what you prefer. 

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